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2008-09-03, 15:56
Got my hands on a Squeezebox Duet a couple of weeks back and thought I'd share my experience plus ask a couple of questions. So here goes...

First the bad part. Took delivery from Amazon (UK) about two weeks ago, tried to set it up but had no joy. Spent a couple of days on the forum checking for similar problems (SqueezeCentre couldn't see the receiver and neither could the controller), tried Logitech support, two emails later and they said I had a fault and should send it back. Oh well, sometimes electronic products don't work, so its no big deal. Contacted Amazon and got a replacement the next day.

Had a couple of problems trying to get it set up over WiFi, so tried wired and the ad-hoc connection and bingo, all works fantastically well.

So that's the bad, now the good. I have to say, I love this little thing. Its small and sits nicely with my AV equipment. The controller is awesome, its a bit plasticy, but its got a good weight to it.

I'm really pleased with the purchase and now have easy access to my MP3 collection.

So what's next? I guess I'll have to start looking into the plugins. Any suggestions? I'm liking the look of the AlienBBC simply for 5Live's cricket coverage. Any others I should look into?

Also, I'm thinking I might get an EEE Box to hook this up to due to the low power consumption and quiet operation. Plus it'll look pretty good sitting next to my Wii.... It'll need a bigger hard drive, but that's not a problem. What do you guys think?


2008-09-03, 16:59
In my opinion putting a PC anywhere near your audio gear is missing the point. The great thing about this product is that you can put the PC down in the basement under the stairs with your old carpet remnants, and you never need to touch the PC again if you don't want to. Also, this means you don't have to spend the cash on a new nice-looking PC, and you can instead use an ugly 5-year-old beater from the thrift store. I would spring for the newer, larger hard drive though.

Glad it's working out for you. I'd just browse through the plugins page and see what looks interesting to you.