View Full Version : Squeezecenter: Connection timed out...

2008-09-03, 12:33
I installed Squeezecenter on a virtual PC (Windows XP Home). First this PC was running on a Virtual Server 2005 in my network. Everything worked fine (this server was not the Gateway to the internet).
Then I moved this virtual PC to an other Virtual Server 2005 (other network). The difference is now, that on this server (the physical one) I have the RRAS service running. So this server is my gateway to the internet. And now I get connection timeout problems with Squeezecenter. But I have no problem with the internet on that pc. So I don't understand this... can someone tell me, how the Squeezecenter tries to access those internet radio streams? ... there must be a routing problem, but I can't imagine what it could be... any ideas? I mean, it's still the same "PC"...