View Full Version : Poor performance when browsing genre's on Duet controller

2008-09-03, 07:21
Initially had this in the beginners area with tons of views but no replies. Maybe this is a better place...

I'm new to the Slim Devices and picked up a Duet over the weekend. All is setup and running perfectly...well almost.

I get extremely poor performance when browsing my music library via genre on the Duet controller. Sometimes it'll just die and revert back to the now playing screen. Performance is great when browsing via album or artist.

Anyone here of this problem? FYI: The slim box is connected to my router via a wired connection. My music is being served from a windows home server which is also connected to the router via wired.

Also, are there plugins for the server software that make creating play lists easier?

...any help is appreciated.