View Full Version : Terminally slow internet connection; SB3 fine

2008-09-02, 15:25
Ok - I have my SB3 wirelessly connected to by Linksys WRT54GL and it works great. Stream my MP3 music stored on my PC hard drive flawlessly - life is great, until...

I want to surf the Internet while listening to music from my computer - the music continues to play wonderfully, but I cannot even pull up a single webpage. I unplug the SB3 from the wall - fast Internet surfing is instantly back. Plug the SB3 back in the wall, terminally slow internet surfing. So, I can either do one or the other and I want to do both.

I have very fast DSL line.

I have a powerful PC, it is fast, strong and brand new:
Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3R
CPU: Q6600
GPU: ATI HD-4850
Memory: 4GB DDR2 PC-8500

I had the exact same problem with my previous computer. I swapped routers, was using a D-Link DI-624 and bought the Linksys. I have verified my MAC addresses. I'm stuck and unhappy.

Surely everyone else with an SB3 plugged it in and can listen to muic and surf at the same time, why is my setup unable to do this simple thing?

I can listen to these same mp3s on winamp - no problem, but I would like to pipe these mp3s through my 5.1 surround sound system and continue surfing.

Help, please??????