View Full Version : Compilations not showing on remote

2008-09-02, 12:29
I am running Squeezecenter 7.2. I have one album with the genre of 'Motown', which is also a compilation. In Squeezecenter, when I click Home > Genres > Motown, 'Various Artists' is show on the screen. When I click Various Artists, I see the Motown album. This is how I would expect things to work, so I believe that my tags are all set up correctly, compilation=1 etc.

However, when I do the same on the duet remote, (Music Library > Genres > Motown), it simply displays 'Empty' on the screen. I have two other genres, each with just a single compilation album, and the same happens with them.

I know my tags are correct as Squeezecenter displays the albums exactly as I would expect. Just wondered if anyone knows what may be causing the problem on the remote?

Kind regards