View Full Version : Low Cost Amp

2008-09-02, 10:23
I am looking for a low cost amp to power my in wall speakers. I read that a lot of people like the AudioSource AMP-100 ($90 at Amazon). Are there any other cheaper recommendations? I found this one http://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/t-amp_e.html, but can't find it in stock anywhere.

Eric Seaberg
2008-09-05, 20:42
The amp you show at the link uses batteries or an external power supply. Did you read the revue? You're going to pay $23 for 6-watts per channel of solid power?! Doesn't $90 for 50+ watts sound like a huge bargain?!

I've got two of the Audio Source amps and love it. I'm driving two sets of outdoor speakers.