View Full Version : Duet available at local retail - Circuit City

2008-09-01, 21:18
Wow. I can now go to my local Circuit City store (10 miles away) and buy a Duet for $350. Ever since Logitech bought SD, I was waiting for their products to be made available this way.

I'm sure the Boom will follow soon - perhaps by the holidays?

Of course I discover this AFTER I get one on Ebay :-). But that worked out OK - it was a little cheaper and turned out to be a great transaction.

They sell Receivers too, but those are only available online at $150.

Hopefully this means that these products are starting to gain traction in the market. Hopefully setup and usability issues (of which there are some - to be expected with a product of this complexity level) won't result in a large numbers of returns.

2008-10-13, 05:30
In the Albany, NY Sunday paper on 10/12/2008, the Circuit City flyer actually had the Duet in the ad! I've never seen that before! $369.

Very cool!