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2008-09-01, 15:00
Can anyone help me please? I’ve just upgraded from 7.1 on XPsp2 to 7.2 and now SqueezeCenter interface is not responding correctly.

If I click on anything in the left had pane such as Artist nothing happens. The right had pane does not refresh it just displays the loading label and nothing happens.

The following message is reported as an error

Line : 1730
Char : 3
Error : ‘null’ is null or not an object
Code : 0

Please see screen grab

2008-09-01, 15:09
Have you tried clearing out all of the cache/cookies in your browser and/or trying in a different browser? Suspect that may sort your issue out.

Otherwise, what about using the full address of your SC instance, so rather than, use something like (replacing with the full ip address of your SC instance). If it's a problem with your localhost resolution, this full address should work.

Depending on what version you upgraded from, you may want to do a full clear and rescan of your Music Library too.

Edited to say that the right hand pane not loading can also be a virus/firewall software issue - try adding another specific exception for Squeezecenter in any relevant software.

2008-09-01, 15:44
High Siduhe, thanks for the reply, Iíve gone from 71. to 7.2

Iíve just tried all your recommendations

Cleared Browser Cache

Used full ip address

Turned off Firewall

Iíve done all the above with IE7 and Firefox 3 and have got exactly the same response as before.

2008-09-01, 16:08
There was a similar report here (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=51200&highlight=null) but didn't seem to be resolved.

You could try disabling plugins and rebooting SC, but it sounds like a complete uninstall and reinstall may be your best bet. Sorry not to be more help.

2008-09-01, 23:57
Thanks for your input Siduhe

Can anyone else offer a solution? :-(

2008-09-02, 00:53
Try Michael Herger (see the other thread). It looks as if he has looked at this bug previously, and may have some ideas (as well as be keen to track the root cause down). Out of curiosity, can you give a list of the main bits of software installed on your PC, esp. security software?

2008-09-02, 00:55
> The following message is reported as an error
> Line : 1730
> Char : 3
> Error : ‘null’ is null or not an object
> Code : 0
> URL :

This might get us closer to the issue: we only have one javascript file with that many lines :-). If you can reproduce this issue reliably, would you mind installing firebug (http://www.getfirebug.com) for Firefox? It would leady you to the exact line in question.



2008-09-02, 12:35
Thanks for the continued input

I think I have done what you asked, although I havenít really got a clue :-(

2008-09-03, 01:19
> Thanks for the continued input

Thank you for installing Firebug - I think I've got the information I need from your screenshot. Now quickly disable Firebug again, as it slows down SC to a crawl.

> I think I have done what you asked, although I haven’t really got a
> clue :-(

Never mind. The "plEl is null" is no good thing and I'll add a check for this. Though I don't understand how this could happen. Is this happening with a long playlist?

Please give the following a try:

- open HTML/EN/html/SqueezeJS/UI.js in a text editor
- go to line 1730. This should look like this:

onResize : function(){
var el = this.container.parent().parent();
var plEl = this.getPlEl();

var height = el.getHeight() + el.getTop() - plEl.getTop();
if (el = Ext.get('playlistTab'))
height -= el.getHeight();


- insert the following two lines after the "var plEl = this.getPlEl()" line:

if (el == null || plEl == null)

- clear your browser's cache and force a full reload

Would this fix your issue?



2008-09-03, 04:45

Is this happening with a long playlist?

Hi Michael

No, the two screen shots that Iíve posted are what I see as soon as I open SqueezeCenter.

In both of the above shots Iíve used my Controller to play an album on my Transporter, Duet or SB3, which it does with no problems, I have then opened SqueezeCentre and it just hangs there as shown. The loading symbol keeps rotating in the right hand pane and nothing happens and if I click on anything in the left had pane i.e. artist, again nothing happens.

Also since clearing my Cache, my playlists no longer work, even though Iíve initiated a scan and Iíve also tried to restore my Trackstat ratings but no ratings re appear. :-(

I will try editing the line as suggested when I get home.

2008-09-05, 13:02
I also get exactly the same problem, following an upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2.
Anything I can do to help PD it?

Squeezecenter is installed on a Koolu running Ubuntu 7.04.

Tried using browsers on a windows XP box. Even installed Chrome and tried that. All give the same errors as above. So not a browser issue I think.

I've also tried clearing the library and rescanning. Didn't change anything.

Main UI window does not respond when any of the following items are clicked on...
Music Library
Dynamic playlists

Playlists responds but does not display any of my playlists. Just a blank screen

All others respond as normal.

The right hand pane either shows an empty selection or shows the last played title/album art, but shows "loading"

Trackstat displays on the browser but does not work when selected via teh remote. It allows you to navigate but does nothing when you try to play anything.

All the above functions used to work perfectly under 7.1 I made no other changes apart from the 7.2 upgrade.

I've got firebug installed ... but don't really know what it's telling me. I haven't seen the error reported before, all I see are Posts to jasonrpc.js repeating every 20 odd milliseconds.