View Full Version : Squeezebox v1 and SC 7.2 - playlist display problem

2008-09-01, 14:06
Running SC 7.2 on Mac OS X 10.5.4, and ever since upgrading SqueezeCenter I've noticed a strange display problem when scrolling through the current playlist (from the 'now playing' screen)...

I'll press down (or up) and the next song in the playlist will show briefly before the whole screen blanks out for about a second. Then the display returns to normal.

This happens everytime I move through the playlist. The problem doesn't occur on 'normal' menu scrolling.

No such problems on the SB3s in the house. SB1 is running firmware 40.

Any ideas?


2008-10-05, 02:59
Is anyone else seeing this? It's really quite annoying. Strange thing is that it doesn't happen when scrolling though album track listings - just when I scroll down from the "now playing" screensaver to see what's up next.

It's at that point that about a second after I press up or down, the screen blanks for half a second or so. It seems to be time based - if I'm quick, I can get through 2 or 3 songs on the list before the screen blanks out.

Any thoughts gratefully received...