View Full Version : Boom Experiance

2008-09-01, 09:16
I have to congratulate all who designed, developed and tested the new Boom. Given all the technical requirements for such a creature to exist, I can say that from my experience this product is a success.

I ordered the product on Thursday. It was delivered late on Friday. Went golfing, came home to an empty house as the family was out but there on the step was the Boom.

Unpacked the device, like the cloth bag by the way. Upgraded my server to 7.2, no issues just took a while to reboot.

Powered the unit on, something like 5 minutes later all was operational. In fact, it took longer to unpack the Boom then it did to get it running (after the 7.2 upgrade).

The device is in my kitchen and I cannot keep the wife and child away from it. There is always something playing and the odd argument as to what should be playing.

Great job guys, now I probably need to purchase at least one or two more.

2008-09-03, 12:52
Thanks! :)