View Full Version : Power off digital output

2008-09-01, 08:08
I recently upgraded Squeezecenter 7.0 to 7.2. I found that after the upgrading, the squeezebox's digital output will not power off, after shutting down the squeezebox using the controller. Before the upgrading this was not a problem. In both cases (7.0 and 7.2) I have the option 'disable outputs when off' selected. In 7.0 this option can be found in the Squeezecenter options in the tab 'players' audio settings.

Has anybody else experienced this, or do you know a solution to cope with this? I downgraded to 7.0 again because I don't like to shut down my DAC every time.

2008-09-03, 13:54
The problem I found is a bug known to the programmers:

The target milestone for fixing it is version 7.3.