View Full Version : Software Update on SB3 Doesn't Work!

2008-09-01, 04:46
Hi guys,

I've just recently upgraded to the v7.2 SqueezeCenter on my MacBook. The install seemed to go smoothly enough but when I hold down the 'Brightness' button on the remote to perform the required software update on the SB3 itself, nothing happens. The 'Software Update Press and Hold BRIGHTNESS to begin' screen stays up and the little spinning wheel in the corner just freezes.

Any ideas? At the moment, my SB3 doesn't work :-(


2008-09-01, 07:19
I've managed to get things working again by reverting to SC 7.0. (Which has the v86 firmware which is currently installed on my SB3). I think I'll leave it there until I can figure out what is wrong.


2008-09-01, 07:31
I was searching for a way to select firmware and found this thread where you had experimented with earlier versions of the FW. It may be unlikely, but I wonder if your problems could have originated there.

At any rate, it seems like you could use the same method to load the 7.2 firmware, but I've never needed to try it myself.


2008-09-01, 07:55
Could well be Skunk. My SB3 has been a little 'clunky' since I started experimenting with different firmware versions. (I'll leave well alone from now on!)

I tried resetting using both the hold 'Add' and hold '1' methods but to no avail. I'm happy enough in that my SB3 works again but it appears to be stuck with the v86 firmware :-(


2008-09-01, 10:56
Success - I followed the instructions for a "clean install" and bingo!

I now have v112 of the firmware and SC 7.2.0 running happily :-)


2008-09-01, 11:11
You can also always go to SN to get the latest firmware (but you will usually have to manually trigger it by holding brightness).