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2008-09-01, 03:58
I'd like to know which wifi AP/Router works well with the Squeezebox Duet.

Could you please report your experience (Good or bad) with Squeezebox Duet mainly, but other players are welcome, and your wifi device, with as many details as possible. (encryption, Duet controller and receiver experience, which SC/fm etc..)

You can also check out this wiki page (although mainly SB3 experiences), and update it with your Duet experience:

2008-09-01, 05:38
I'll reply here since Wiki updating is not recommended prior to morning coffee :-).

I am using a Linksys WRT 54GS. I have used it with stock FW up until a month ago with no trouble. A month ago I upgraded to dd-wrt so I could configure static DHCP addresses. I am using v24sp1 mega build (my hardware is rev 1.1). No troubles at all with my SB.

I use WEP and do not broadcast my SSID. I have had an SB3 operating at ~20% signal with no performance issues.

My house is a center hall colonial with a finished basement. The Linksys is in the basement and provides full wireless coverage throughout the house, including the top floor. I upgraded the antennas with a pair from Radio Shack that cost $7. This was done to improve WiFi coverage on the deck for Logitec controller usage. This very cheap upgrade gave me coverage on the deck and boosted my SB3 signal on the top floor from ~20% to ~80%!

In short, I have found this router to be very compatible with my SB devices.

NOTE: I had setup issues with the Duet, but I don't believe these were related to the Linksys. I think it was related to the fact that I had a user name and password set on my server.

2008-09-01, 05:58
standard linksys wrt 54G.

had everything up and running in about as much time as it took to download/install squeezecenter and enter the network key into the controller. Updates to 7.1 and 7.2 have been pretty painless.

I made sure to configre the AV and firewall exceptions as per the support forumns.

2008-09-01, 06:27
I,m using a Linksys WRT54GL with tomato 1.19 firmware.
Works splendidly.
No conections issues ever.
Never used stock firmware, as most consumer routers don't support wol over internet with stock firmware, i wanted to able to boot my server from the internet

Fixed IP's no DCHP at all:

Wireless Mode Access Point
B/G Mode G Only
Radio Enabled
SSID ******
Security WPA2 Personal (PSK) + AES

edit* MAC filtering is used

I broadcast my SSID as there where a bug in the early FW in controller that prevented contact without SSID broadcast.
That bug is fixed now, but one issue remains i can not switch off the SSID broadcast, then I must tell the Controller to "forget" the network and redo my settings. As you all know the SBC/SBR setup is very reliable NOT ;-)
once it's working don't touch.

edit* the SB3 and the controller was ok to setup, the Receiver needed NET-UDAP to get set for Static IP and SC address.
but I blame that on the prototype firmware delivered with early units, i suppose setup is smother now.

edit* i netsumbled to choose the best aviable channel, and I cranked up the wireless power a bit, which this fw let you do but not to maximum, as others have suggested that its getting noisier then which defeats the purpose .

2008-09-01, 07:17
I use a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 with Tomato 1.18 firmware.
Running in Mixed B/G mode.
WPA Personal AES encryption.
SSID is broadcast.
No MAC filtering.
I have QoS switched on but use just the default rules (plus one for Skype) - certainly none to expedite Squeezebox traffic.
I was careful to select a channel as far away from other nearby wireless networks as I could get - my neighbours seem to be on channels 6, 11 and sometimes 1, so I went for channel 3.

All the Squeezebox hardware (1 x Transporter, 1 x SB2, 1 x Receiver, 2 x Controller) uses DHCP (with the Buffalo router being the DHCP server).

The Squeezebox Controllers never have any problems.

The Squeezebox Receiver is normally connected by ethernet rather than wireless (as are the other players). However, I did once have it running wireless and it was absolutely fine playing FLAC. The router is on the ground floor, the Receiver is in the loft. Distance between them is probably about 20 feet, including two wooden floors.

I'm running quite old software versions: SqueezeCenter 7.0, Controller firmware r2097. Since everything works so well, I've decided not to risk "upgrading". Since I don't use SqueezeNetwork, there are no issues regarding using old firmware.

2008-09-01, 08:00
I use two Netgear WG602s to cover upstairs and downstairs and they work fine with the Duet and SB3. They are plugged into a Draytek two line ADSL router.

2008-10-22, 03:22
I have tried two D-Link DI-524UP, both have work fine on Ethernet, but the wireless part of the router, works terrible. I get bad and inconsistent range issues, drop, random disconnections, and various other issues. Also not only with my SB Classics, Duets, and Boom, but also with other wireless devices.

2008-10-22, 05:13
Belkin G Wireless router\dsl modem combo.
Running with WAP
Not using MAC address authorisation.

Runs with no problems with 2 SB Classics, 2 wired PCs, 3 wireless laptops, wifi mobile phone (Tytn II / Tilt).

Can access SqueezeCentre from any pc\laptop as well as from phone.
Using NAT so can access my SqueezeCentre from anywhere on the web.

2008-10-22, 05:42
Forgot to add my current:

My ISP is Swisscom (I am based in Switzerland) and they provided my with my modem/router for my VDSL connection.

The modem/router is a Netopia Netopia 7347-84 (fw. 7.8.0r5) and so far, what is currently connected to it is:

- BluewinTV Plus (digital HD TV over the Internet)
- One Squeezebox Classic
- One Duet Receiver
- Two desktop computers (one always downloading torrents)
(- Switch)

- Two Duet Controllers
- One Duet Receiver
- Two Squeezebox Classic's
- One Squeezebox Boom
- Girlfriends laptop, almost always streaming Dutch online tv.
- iPhone (with me surfing on the couch)
- On and off my work laptop.

And I have no issues at all...

2008-10-23, 09:48
Fios actiontec MI424WR works wiht SB3 and Duet,


2008-10-23, 10:24
I have the Actiontec and (in August) I had nothing but problems (failure to connnect and dropped connections). However these problems have subsided and my Duet is now pretty stable.

I understand that Verizon, in the middle of the night, reguraly pushes firmware updates. I suspect that a recent update resolved most of my problems.

2008-10-23, 12:02
makes sense- I installed the duet yesterday.


2008-10-23, 16:21
I recently upgraded from a Linksys BEFW11S4 which was giving me many issues to a Linksys WRT54GL based on recommendations from this forum.

The 54GL has been working great with the stock fw.

2008-10-23, 16:57
I'd think it'd be better to maintain a list of routers that DON'T work well than a list of those that do. I mean, what are we really talking about here? Five routers that don't work very well until you turn off the vendor-proprietary MIMO features?

Any list of working routers is bound to be woefully outdated and incomplete.

2009-03-13, 21:41
so....I can't get my Duet Receiver to get an IP Address with the access point. I get solid yellow. But when I disable the access point, and move the receiver closer to the wrt310n linksys wireless router, it connects no problem. the access point is powered over ethernet by a netgear fs116p dumb switch. So I don't know if it is the switch or the access point. Any help is greatly appreciated.