View Full Version : Again in the Duet Twilight Zone

2008-08-31, 14:48
Here I was all happy that 7.2 had made the Duet far more responsive, and solved several of the Controller issues that had pretty much made me put the Duet away.

Yesterday I went to sleep to the Duet playing Dr Jeffrey Thompson's "Delta Sleep" tracks in the bedroom. Today I wake up to a Receiver that is turned off, and I mean hard off, with no light on the sole source. After unplugging and plugging it in again it came back to life.

However now the Receiver-Controller combo plays hard to come alive, and it is bizarre that the Controller -after a factory reset and several unsuccessful attempt attempts to pair it- saw 3 different receivers around, the old name and then the more cryptically labeled reset version.

It took me 40 minutes of stubborn hard resets to eventually get things going again, but this was *strange*.

Before anyone says anything about anything changing - nothing, absolutely nothing changed. The only thing I did is that I told the controller to go to sleep after playing Dr Thompson's music for 90 minutes. The Duet is synched with the livingroom SB3 which is the one I use for serious listening (as evidenced yet again, the Duet is too temperamental for it in my household, which is why it is synched to the main system and resides in the bedroom).

This is all with SC 7.2 running on Ubuntu 8.04, a system that has always been rock solid servicing the SB3s in the household.