View Full Version : SqueezeNetwork connection issue with Controllers updated to 7.2 r2873

2008-08-31, 13:00
I have 4 controllers: 2 came with a duet order in March; the 3rd & 4th came last week and they are the ones with issue.

Old controllers work fine with both squeezecenter7.2, and are seen as Players after SqueezeNetwork login (running 7.1r2722).

The new ones initially connected to SqueezeNetwork when connected to local wireless network. After updated to 7.2 r2873 they show to connection to wireless network but only show Other Server and not SqueezeNetwork. New ones do not display controller player PIN under Settings menu.

Attempted connection to Other Server specifying - no luck either (note did not show as

Running MacOS 10.5.4 on MacBookPro4,1 with Security/Firewall allowed permissions for:

I have also added exceptions for UDP port 3483, & TCP ports 3483 + 9000 for my Apple 802.11N wireless router

Please help!


2008-08-31, 20:45
r2873 works here (has been working a long time in 7.2 beta)

It's seem that something happened to the network settings in your controllers, can you see your local SqueezeCenter (Maybe you don't use that).
Do you use DHCP ?

Power them off and then on, remove battery and start again. if this not working.
Tell the controllers to forget your network and then add your network again (you have to redo your settings password and so )
if this fails.
The factory reset and redo all settings (boring advice i know).

If your are so fortunate to live in the right time zone call support,
otherwise mail support.

Once you get the controllers connected they should work just fine with SN.