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2008-08-31, 05:13
I love the ability to change the home menu on my players and controllers. This gives me the chance to customise the UI for my (less than technically savvy) family and their particular requirements.

My unexpectedly heavy use of the Boom UI and remote has thrown this area into sharp relief recently.

This is what I'd like:

1) To be able to add any items to a top level menu (for instance I'd like BBC Radio 4 to be the top top level menu item in my Kitchen SB3)

2) To be able to create my own menu item folder. For instance I'd like to create a Misc top level folder where I could put all the stuff I very rarely use into it. At the moment I either delete these items from the menu (and so theyt disappear from use for ever) or I leave them there where theyt clutter things up and confuse my family.

3) To be able to edit menus in the web gui by use of drag and drop and the use of thse handly little plus and minus buttons to expand/close folders enabling quick viewing of the items held therein.
4) Boom specific: I use headphones a lot on my Boom and need to add the Line Out selector to the top level menu. Currently I can't (although I can add in Line In).

Is this a lot to ask for and has it been raised as an enhancement before (if so, I can't find it)?



2008-09-01, 06:57
Please file enhancement requests for these on bugs.slimdevices.com

2008-09-01, 13:54
Boom Line Out item top level menu addition: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=9357

General player menu enhancement: