View Full Version : Wait a while after update released

Steven Moore
2008-08-31, 04:43
I think it may be a good idea to wait a while after an update is released if only to allow the plugin guys to catch up. I think about 4 of my most used plugin's stopped working after the update.

2008-08-31, 04:59
If you updated from 7.0.1 then you'll need to update your existing plugins as the plugin architecture has changed. If you updated from 7.1 all your plugins should continue to work unless they are limited to a max of version 7.1 in their individual strings.xml file. In which case, change the Max Version setting to 7.*.

However, It can be an idea to upgrade until the release of the first revised version of any major new release as many of the bugs discovered when a new release goes live will have been reported and fixed. So, here's to 7.2.1 (although I have to say that so far 7.2 appears to have been one of the more pain-free releases).


2008-08-31, 05:55
What makes the plug-in situation painful this time is that there wasn't a heads-up about potential plug-in issues. Both users and plug-in maintainers were taken by surprise. There also isn't a simple change that can be made to a text file to fix the situation.

The weather-time plug-in that I use was affected, which is a bummer.

Howard Passman
2008-08-31, 16:14
I had the same issue whereall 4 of the plugins I use quit working. A few just needed a "max version" changed in the install.xml file to get working and SuperDateTime Greg Brown just came out with an updated version, Yaaaa. XM worked but I had to change skins to "Classic" to get it to work. Classic is o.k. and is much faster than the default skin.


2008-08-31, 16:24
Problem with running old versions is that until you update you have to wait for the receiver to up/downgrade firmware every time you switch between Squeezenetwork and the server.