View Full Version : Remote Streaming: Constant Rebuffering

Geoffrey Kolstad
2004-04-02, 09:19
> What is the bitrate? What is your upstream capacity?
192 / 256k

> I'm on cable and only have 256 kbps upstream (235 bkps in reality). 192
> kpbs encoding is pushing it for me.
> Streaming requires you leave a little headroom for ACK packets on sent
> data. If you don't ACK's might get dropped forcing the server side machine
> to resend. Also you need a server side buffer to account for latency so
> that your server is always ready to send the next packet. The longer it
> takes you packets to reach their destination the more you need to buffer
> on the server side to assure a constant stream.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have been able to hear the stream finally and although it is jittery and rebuffers every 10 seconds, it is there. I'll lower the bitrate and go from there.