View Full Version : Squeezebox remote wanted

2008-08-30, 11:12
Somehow along the way, probably during a big cleaning, we managed to lose the remote for our Squeezebox (v1).

We get along OK by pulling the cord if we need to power-cycle it, and we get some functionality out of the TV multiremote by using a JVC command set on the AUX device, but it's still a pain, since we don't have the TV in the same room as the Squeezebox.

If anyone's got a remote for a Squeezebox kicking around, please drop me a line, and we'll see what can be worked out.


- Joe

2008-08-30, 12:37
https://secure.slimdevices.com/order/upgrades.cgi - assuming you're in the US.

2008-08-30, 17:14
Since my Squeezebox was hit by lightning I've not much use for the remote. Wanna make a deal?

2008-08-31, 10:47
Just the kind of connection I'm looking for. Check your private messages here for more detail.