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2008-08-29, 18:13
I am a brand new duet user, and my install was remarkably easy. I have two questions/issues. I am set up with 3 music sources, two PC's and the Squeeze network (plus something labeled other server). Everytime I toggle back and forth between the two PC's, the controller goes into the firmware update process, which takes several minutes to complete. This happens despite the fact that I just did it 5 minutes ago. Is there someway to disable this, or at least have it only happen at reasonable intervals.

The second question relates to the home>settings>Audio>volume adjustment menu. Can someone describe for me the the differences between track gain, album gain and smart gain. Do these settings somehow normalize volume settings for various CD's. I find different CD's play in significantly different volume levels, so if somehow this can be compensated for, it would be great.

Thanks for helping out a newbie. By the way, I love what I see so far.

2008-08-29, 20:54
The firmware Q is easy just uppgrade your two local computers to SC7.2

SqueezeNetwork uses the same firmware as SC7.2 .So when running on different version of SqueezeCenter the players and controllers needs different firware.

Album gain, the tracks within an album keeps their relative difference when listening to them as an album.

Track Gain, normalized volume tracks in a playlist will sound with same aparent volume.

Smart Gain, SC way to choose between Album or Track Gain depending on context.
IF you cue up the whole album=album gain if the song is a part of a playlist=track gain

To make this work you got to have this info in the tags, about that i know nothing, i dont use this.
So take your question to Ripping / Encoding / Transcoding / Tagging forum. Ask for best way to get replay gain to my files.

And you must activate this funtionality via settings in SqueezeCenter i thinks its flexible enough so you can have configured different for different players.

2008-08-30, 04:19

Thank you for your help. Your suggestion on updating the SqueezeCenter software did the trick. It appears as if the software was updated during the past week to accomodate the launch of the boombox, and since I loaded it onto my two PC's on different days, I probably had two versions on the two PC's, thus I was ping ponging back and forth with firmware updates.

Everything is fine now. Thanks for your help.