View Full Version : Cannot reset SB3 with Add button or update firmware

2008-08-29, 14:56
I just received an SB 3 purchased from eBay which I think may be partially bricked. It doesn't respond to holding down either the Add or 1 buttons on power-up. Is there a way to manually force a reset inside the unit? (I have tested with multiple known-good remotes and power supplies)

When plugged in without an Ethernet cable, it says, "Starting Demo in 5..4..3..2..1" and then hangs on 1. No combination of remote presses can make it work -- on / off doesn't do anything. When powered up with an Ethernet cable plugged into the back, it says that it obtains an IP address via DHCP, then display a message to the effect that it can't connect to the Internet to download new firmware. By viewing the "Player Options," I can see that the player is set up in a different IP range -- not the one it supposedly got from my DHCP server.

When I power it up with the ethernet cable plugged in and then use the arrow keys to get to the network options, and manually right-arrow through the network settings, I can obtain a DHCP lease, connect to my Squeezecenter, download new firmware, and then display a message stating that the ethernet cable needs to be pulled in order to continue. When I pull the ethernet cable, the unit goes dark, and never comes back.

I am never given an option to switch to wireless in the network settings -- only "Obtain IP via DHCP" or "Static IP." How do I get there?

I have two other Squeezeboxes here (both SB 1) which work perfectly with Squeezecenter 7.2 under Fedora Core Linux -- have been for a long time. Any timely help would be greatly appreciated because I need to dispute the sale if the unit can't be reset.

The unit says its firmware version is 250.


2008-08-29, 17:38
Sounds like one of the demo units. if you search around on the forum I think you'll find a few others in the same situation. My memory is that they're not convertible back to regular players - you should probably return it to the seller.

2008-08-29, 17:52
Yep, apparently I'm another eBay victim. I hope the seller does the right thing and takes it back, as there was no mention of it being a demo unit.

I can tell from the MAC ID in the picture that this is the same demo unit that was shown in another thread. Here's the item listing . . . there was no mention of it being a demo unit in their eBay ad:


Seller's eBay ID is maro0929. They have positive feedback so I'm going to give them a chance to do the right thing.