View Full Version : CBC radio on SqueezeCenter 7.2

2008-08-29, 13:59
I have upgraded to SqueezeCenter v7.2 and am running it on Ubuntu (lame installed). When I try to "tune in" CBC radio's streams (listed below), I get the following error: "WMA convert error - check file types CBC-1".

I have read the forums and am confused as to whether I need to install AlienBBC to access these play-lists? Can anyone help?



2008-08-29, 14:40
These play OK on an SB3.

You only need AlienBBC if you try playing on a player that does not support WMA such as Softsqueeze or an SB1.

2008-08-29, 16:22
I am using an SB3. I'm also using the default convert.conf; the only change I made was to include AAC playback as per the wiki: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/AAC

Is there something I need to turn on?

2008-08-29, 17:13
It should work out of the box. I don't have a standard installation but even though it is an mms stream, the stream was played direct.

Can you play other WMA streams (e.g. BBC in Staff Picks) ?

2008-08-29, 22:00
Ah, I found the problem. It seems that in my infinite wisdom, I commented out 4 lines in convert.conf when I should have only commented out 2. Here was the problem I had to un-comment:

## you can comment this out if you want to use LAME to transcode AAC/MOV files to MP3.
#mov aif * *
# [mov123] $FILE$

wma wma squeezebox2 *

Amazing what happens when you read CAREFULLY. Thanks for your help!

2008-08-29, 23:25
It would be better if you put your AAC mods into a custom-convert.conf file. Then you would not modify convert.conf, the mods would not be lost each upgrade and it is easy to disable your mods (i.e. rename custom file and restart).