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David Balcom
2004-04-01, 16:44
I looked through the list archives and didn't see this issue, apologies
if this is has been flogged.

Frequently tracks don't play when I hit the remote's play button,
particularly if I have to pick them out of a nested menu.
Artist search --> Neil Finn --> Try Whistling This --> Sinner --> <
hit play >

The track will show up in Now Playing as playing, but it never starts,
it reads 0:00. To get the track to play, I have to perform various
arrow key acrobatics with the remote: up/down/right/left/down/down,
then hit play and it'll play at some point. Or pick the track before it
or after it, then do a next or previous. Acrobatics.

The non-playing tracks are not consistent or repeatable. Sometimes they
play, sometimes not.
Nesting through other searches like genre, album -- no difference.
Individual songs in a playlist, no difference, aka doesn't play.

Selecting a playlist, any playlist, then hitting play on the remote on
the playlist title, always works. The playlist starts to play
immediately. While playing, selecting individual songs in a playlist
generally work for that playlist once started..

Signal is getting to the remote -- it always respond to the command
with feedback.
Web interface always works.

Squeezebox wired version
Mac OSX 10.3.3, G4, SlimServer 5.1.1

Thanks for any help or insight.
Except for this little thing, this product rules!

dbalcom (AT) mindspring (DOT) com