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2008-08-29, 04:03
If I take the Boom to a friends house, can I access my music collection remotely via SquezeCenter from my house?

Is this functionality supported?

2008-08-29, 04:06
Yes. http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/RemoteStreaming

2008-08-29, 04:10
Although, please be aware that by following those instructions you are opening up your system to outside access. If you don't secure the ports in an appropriate way, there are ways that people can search on the internet to find your Squeezecenter instance and access it. Not going to list them here, but it is possible.

If you really want to open up your Squeezecenter to remote access (and it's not really designed with this in mind, so there is an inherent risk if you decide to to do this) you should really do this via an SSH or VPN. At the very least, whitelist your LAN, players and accessing IP using Server Settings - Security and block all other incoming connections. You can probably do something similar with your router settings.

2008-08-29, 04:24
Thanks Siduhe, I keep forgetting the disclaimer ;-)

2008-08-29, 04:28
I've been meaning to update the wiki since the last time this came up, and have now done so.

Does anyone know if the Squeezcenter password protection will work with the Duet? It's a weak form of security, but definitely works with <SB3. However, I've seen a couple of posts which suggest it doesn't work with the Duet (e.g. this (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=327645&highlight=password+duet#post327645)), so haven't added it to the wiki as an option to secure a Squeezecenter instance.

2008-08-29, 06:21
There was a problem with passwords and SBC when it launched, but I'm pretty sure it was fixed a while ago.

2008-08-29, 06:43
Ok, thanks - I'll add this to the wiki.