View Full Version : Beta controller: invalid mac address or uuid

2008-08-29, 02:29
My beta controller worked fine up until firmware 7.0.1 r2448.

With the latest production firmware (both 7.1 r2722 and 7.2 r2873) however I get the invalid mac or uuid error after reboot.
No keys other than home have any effect.

I can revert back to r2448 by holding vol.up when booting the controller but I'm sure it's only a matter of time until r2448 won't work with future SC releases.

According to Michael's comment in this thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=317401) you need the serial connector to fix this.

As I don't have the connector to do this myself I was wondering if someone who owns one would be willing to do it for me.
One of the developers in Switzerland maybe?
I will pay for postage of course and your efforts will be rewarded.

Thank you!


2008-08-29, 06:29
I was told the only way to fix this is to send it back to SD. I had the same problem and Mickey hooked me up.

2008-08-29, 06:43
Contact support or Micky directly. I had the same problem and Micky told me it was probably something with the SBC boot firmware and to send it back. In the end they couldn't fix it, so they sent me a production controller (with the improved antenna) as a replacement. Gotta love these guys!

2008-08-29, 07:13
Thanks guys, I will contact Mickey directly.


2008-09-13, 03:19
My beta controller has this problem too. No big deal (it was free as was the regular one) but it is useful to have a spare with four music-enabled rooms and the tree-hugger in me hates to not be able to fix an otherwise fine piece of equipment.

I understand that the fix requires an RS232 connection to the Molex type connector on the bottom (for which I have no cable). Is it possible to open up the Controller and temporarily tack a connection directly to the board (at the owner's risk, obviously)?