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2008-08-29, 00:53
Hello all

I have a question regarding streaming (using server:9000/stream.mp3) to remote computers: I use this approach to listen to my own music at work and its working ok. However, when some of my coworkers ask for access to the same stream, I realize that by giving out this address, I would also grant access to the web interface of my Squeezebox Duet, which I don't like the sound of. Its not only that people would switch tracks on each other, but that everyone would be able to go into settings and mess things up there. Password protection does not work, as it protects all requests coming in, i.e. both the stream and the web UI.

Is there any way to password protect the web UI without imposing the same constraints to the stream?


2008-09-01, 00:21
bump! need help :)

2008-09-01, 00:32
You could vote for/comment on this bug:

2008-09-02, 01:15
Thanks, vote and comment submitted.