View Full Version : downconverting remote stream only

2004-04-01, 11:59
i've been reading all about downconverting mp3 streams in the archives but i haven't quite got it figured out yet. i've got lame in my c:\windows directory which i assume is correct (when i start the stream the process starts up in xp's task manager).

in my convert.conf file i have the following:

# Special for the webserver
mp3 mp3 http *
[lame] --silent --mp3input -b 96 $FILE$ -

from an external (http://xxxxx.gotdns.com:9000/stream.mp3) machine i pull in the stream and it looks like i get the correct 96kbps stream, but from an internal machine ( i start off with a 200+ stream which gradually falls to around 100-108kbps. the machine i'm getting this on is the same machine that the slim server is running on.

is there a specific way that i can have external requests downcoverted to 96kbps streams while anything internally stays at the original encoded bitrate?

also i'm confused at the role of "Maximum Transcoding Bitrate" in the player settings on the server. does this override convert.conf? or vice versa?