View Full Version : SB Classic Brightness button won't work?

2008-08-28, 13:55

I bought a new Logitech Squeezebox Classic today, everything works fine. But when I start the device I get the following message:

"Software Update"
"Press and hold BRIGHTNESS to begin"

But no matter how long I press the BRIGHTNESS button nothing happen?
It the brightness button on the remote broken?

I configured automatic update and that seems fine, but is the remote broken? Brightness button won't work while playing music either. Is it because brightness level is to automatic?

Matt Wise
2008-08-28, 14:11
Call support. Sounds like a broken remote to me.

2008-09-01, 14:13
Anyone else with the 'BRIGHTNESS'-button not working on remote?

2008-09-01, 14:53
To get round your immediate problem, you can set your SB to update automatically, so no need to press the brightness button.

Pressing and holding the left arrow key for a few seconds will bring you to the Squeezebox Setup menu. Scroll down a few and you'll find an "Auto upgrade" option in the "Current Settings" menu.

Switch this on, then either set up your connection again, or just unplug and replug in the SB when it should try to connect using your last settings after a few seconds. The SB should then update automatically (assuming you are using a recent version of Squeezecenter).

2008-09-04, 09:35
I got a replacement remote today, everything is fine. :)