View Full Version : Alarmtim in 7.2

2008-08-28, 10:50
Thanks for the new function. Now i don't have to modify the plugin manually.

Just what the doctor ordered for me.


2008-08-28, 16:58
I have just upgraded to 7.2 and am very impressed with the new alarm functionality. However I seem to be having a bit of trouble controlling things from the Controller.

When I go to 'Settings --> Alarm Clock' the 'All Alarms' option does nothing when I click on it - although it shows the '>' indicating further options - I gather this should be the global On/Off alarm switch?

Also, when clicking the 'Alarm Volume' option I just get a blank screen.

I had to do a firmware update on my SB3 (which is now 112), but my Receiver didn't ask for any updates (it is currently 47). My controller is 7.0.1 r2502M - does this need to be manually updated? What about the receiver?