View Full Version : Thumbs up for Squeezebox Boom poolside

2008-08-28, 09:31
As a beta tester, I've been using the Boom out at my pool all summer and it's been great! It's hefty, but small enough that I can carry it in and out easily. (I use it in the bedroom when not out at the pool.) It does not have a handle, but the notch in the back makes it easy to grab for carrying in and out. And there's only the one plug to deal with.

The sound is incredible. It sounds a million times better than the wireless speaker I had out there before, and is far less troublesome. My pool time has been a lot more enjoyable this summer, that's for sure.

As one of the people who have been wanting this product since I got my first Squeezebox, I am thrilled with how the Squeezebox Boom turned out.

2008-08-28, 09:36
Sue: did you have a picture at some point of your poolside installation?

2008-08-28, 10:07
Yes, it's not pretty (the "tower," that is) but here it is...

The tower was built for a MP3-CD boombox I used to use when I first got the pool. But who wants to be swapping discs when you're all drippy? The CD boombox was later replaced with a wireless speaker connected to my PC sound card, and I used Netremote on my PDA to control it. Very fiddly to get it all working together and I often had interference. Now with the Boom all my dreams are fulfilled. <g> But, really, I plug it in, queue a dynamic playlist (thanks to Erland!) and I'm good to go for a nice water workout or just relaxing to soak up some rays.

The towel is hanging there because at certain times of the day it would have sun beating right on it and I was trying to shade it more (helps readability).

The platform it sits on puts the Boom about 5-6 feet from the edge of the pool. I do have to go right to the edge of the pool to read the display, but it is readable. Oh and the magnet in the remote means it "grips" the metal side rails on my AG pool, so it won't easily slide off onto the ground.

The pool pump is right beside it and volume is more than sufficient. I usually keep the volume around 75-85 (using replay gain) when I am by myself splashing around a lot. So it is plenty loud, even in a noisy environment. I like the StereoXL option for outdoors, too. I don't know the techie way to describe it but it makes the sound seem wider.

Mike Meyer
2008-08-28, 11:26
MeSue really did want one!! Unbelievable. ;)

2008-08-28, 14:38
I want one - and I don't even have a pool!

One on on order already......I usually wait for the buzz to die down, but I can't wait for this one - I can see me ordering 2 more if its as good as all the beta testers are saying.

Having said that I notice the SB3 is now down to 150 in the UK at a number of places which is very tempting instead. That to me says its due a list price change, or that its about to be killed off and Logitech are shifting stock.

Either way I'm pleased that I have so many choices now!

2008-08-28, 18:42
I've been using it a lot outside as well, no pool though, and it really has made a difference. I used to haul out a pair of wireless speakers and had to run inside to change anything. The boom's wireless range, for me, covers the whole house and a good portion of the yard as well with one centrally located wireless hub. The sound is much better then the wireless speakers, as well. I've also been using it inside in the main room instead of my main system for testing and I really haven't felt it was a sacrifice in any way. Actually, it is a bit easier to turn on because I'm usually at the computer then and just use the web UI to do it instead of going and getting the main system remote (I know, really lazy).

It is extremly portable and easy to move back and forth. I carry it and the plug end of the power cord in one hand and a drink in the other very easily.

I also use it in the laundry room, upon occassion - it easily overcomes the noise of the machines running.