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2008-08-27, 22:50

I have a router which assigns different sub-net for Wired and Wireless network. I am going to configure Squeeze box Duet for fully wireless mode. However I will be running my SqueezeServer on the wired desktop. Of course wireless devices can fully access wired machines (there is no firewall rules preventing this)

1. How will controller and a receiver both connected to wireless sub-net will be able to find server running on the different (wired) sub-net? Will I need to somehow provide an IP address of the wired server on either receiver or a controller


2008-08-28, 06:11
Is to route between the two subnets. The directly connected subnets (wired and wireless) connect through the router - so a device on one subnets talks to the other subnet via the router. Since the router 'knows' what is connected - so it know where to send the traffic: wired; wireless; or Internet.

Should work fine, but it is another layer of complexity.

Hope that cleared that up a bit.


2008-08-28, 07:25
Yes, indeed router "knows" how to route all the traffic between various subents connected to it.

However the questions is really about HOW SB contoller FINDS all receivers and SB Server.

If this is by sending UDP brodcasts (as it seems to be the case from the other post), then by default this likely to be a subnet BROADCAST and will NOT be routed to the other subnets (othersise all sub-nets would be flooded by useless broadcast traffic).

So this brings two questions:

1. Is discovery accomplished by the subnet UDP brodcasts only?
2. If contoller is on different sub-net then receiver or a server, is it possible to manually enter IP adress for the receiver and server to the contoller?


2008-08-29, 16:05
Off the top of my head all discover is via broadcast so it won't pass across the subnet boundary. However, you are able to manually enter IP addresses if the devices are not able to discover them for themselves.

2008-08-29, 17:25
Thank you!

Just to confirm:

1. in the contoller I will be able to provide two different IP addresses: one for SB Server running on the PC and the other one for SB Receiver device.