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Dave Parboo
2004-03-31, 18:47
If you're using iTunes you could set up a smart playlist that picks up on
the "date added" field. Set the condition to "is in the last". Then select a
number, and finally pick whether or not you want days, weeks or months... if
you're not using iTunes, then I guess you'll have to wait for the



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Le 31/03/2004 à 18:53:37, Derek Erb écrivait :

> Would this be at all possible?
> Often I'll add 2 or 3 new albums on my SlimServer. Sometimes I'll even
> 5 or 6.
> What I'd like to be able to do is then go to my SlimServer to browse
> and listen to the latest albums I have added.
> I would therefore like to be able to browse through the most recently
> tracks and albums. If possible, I would even like to browse through
> backwards in time in date/time order.
> Is this already possible and I am missing something?
> Is this a possible addition sometime?

This would be a welcome addition indeed.


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