View Full Version : how to get last.fm ito SB duet?

2008-08-27, 06:32
I have signed in and can log in and see my music choices, but cant find any ways to access last-fm on duet?

anyone who knows where or how to install or see it?

2008-08-27, 07:19
You need to go into SqueezeCenter and make sure you have neabled the last.fm plugin. You will also enter your signin info there. Then it should appear under "Music Services" off the Main Menu on the Controller.

2008-08-27, 16:14
I have done that

both the "Last.fm Audioscrobbler (v1.0)" and the "Last.fm Radio (v1.0)" is enabled.

I have tried to restart the squeezebox and the squeezecenter. but no last.fm in my SB.
in the music services menu I have mp3 music locker and live music archive.

any ideas?

2008-08-27, 16:22
What country did you select in your SqueezeNetwork account? That's the most likely reason you wouldn't see Last.fm.

2008-08-28, 07:56
okay. as I can see, it is just not availible in norway yet....

too bad....

2008-08-28, 08:02
by the way AndyG:

I see you are a slim devices developer.

first i'd like to say nice work!

then I would like to ask you if you have any ideas why SB duet is not responding to sort albums after years?

I just wonder ir it is me that is doing something wrong...

I have checked my years tags. those are fine. and they do appear in SB as correct as my tag software also does.

I go to settings, advanced, and album sort method. then choose artist, year, album.

have I done something wrong?