View Full Version : Current settings / wireless signal strenght 0%

2008-08-26, 15:23
well... is this normal?

my squeezebox classic says
Current settings / wireless signal strenght 0%

does that mean... my squeezebox is broken OR
does it say 0% becouse no wireless router is found?

connection to router with ethernet cable works fine but
hey i want to use wireless connection.

firmware version is 101
squeeze center IS running
firewall in windows is set off

hmm... any suggestions, anyone?

2008-08-26, 16:33
I've never tried running the SB wired but I'd guess it says that because it's not using wireless?

It's the display on the SB that's saying this?

You wireless network isn't found when setting up?

Phil Leigh
2008-08-27, 10:46
assuming this is a wireless SB3 (there were some wired-only ones - I have both) then when an ethernet cable is plugged into the SB3 the wi-fi card is turned off and signal strength is therefore... 0%