View Full Version : Squeezebox+wifi+XP = serious dropouts

WK 'Kling' Chong
2004-03-31, 13:03
Thanks to Electric Slimpy for highlighting this problem!
I have also been struggling with this issue running XP, WAP & 3

The location of the WAP influenced things the most for me. I can now play on
the 3 Squeezeboxes (sync'd or unsync'd) for up to 3-4 hours without having
drop-outs or losing sync. Not perfect, but OK for most situations.

I have my WAP set on Channel 11
(this was also recommended by another contributor:
> I would suggest trying channel 11 or channel 1 on your friends AP. In
you need at least 4 clear channels between APs to avoid all interference. So
channels 1, 6 and 11 are OK to run at the same time, but 6 and 10 can still

Also had the bizarre experience of signal strengths appearing to 'fall' from
initial set-up about 30%-40% down to current levels at 12%-28% on the unit
that is furthest away (the units will play even when the signal strengths
drop intermittently down to 0%-6% but if this is for more than a few seconds
I can expect a drop-out or lost sync). I have found that being over 10%
generally seems to work for a reasonable length of time. I will try out your
idea of playing around with the Beacon interval.
>The wireless signal strength would start high and end up in the
single digits within a few seconds.
>I now have the squeezebox and the AP 4 feet apart. Signal strength was
still low so I switched
from channel 10 to channel 1. Signal strength is only 17-24%. I verified
the low signal strength
with my laptop wifi. Further investigation of the AP revealed a Beacon
inteval set to 1000 ms
rather than the default 100 ms. Changing that to 100 ms increased the
signal strength as
reported by the laptop and the squeezebox to 100%. BTW, Linksys tech
support recommends channel
6 or 11.

I can't seem to find out if the 'TCP segmentation offloading' applies to me
or not. Perhaps someone can advise?

My system: XP running on Athlon XP3200+, 1Gb RAM, 11g LinksysWAP,
128bitWEP(WPA), manually assigned IP addresses, Slimserver 5.1.1, Player
Firmware ver.8, Digital volume control set to 'fixed', mostly streaming
192kbps encoded MP3s.

K Chong

Ron Thigpen
2004-03-31, 13:20
WK 'Kling' Chong wrote:

> I can't seem to find out if the 'TCP segmentation offloading' applies to
> me or not. Perhaps someone can advise?

what is the brand and model of your network interface card (NIC, i.e.
ethernet adapter)?

AFAIK this is only affecting Intel "Pro" Series NICs.