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2008-08-26, 03:48
Hi All,

I've been experiencing some issues with my SB Duet over the weekend, below is some high level information, I can add some more information if required.

Any help on this would be appreciated


I am running SB Duet on a fully wireless set-up, my main Music source is on a laptop which is running Linux and the most recent version of Squeezecenter. The Controller/Receiver have the most recent firmware

High Level Issues

The following is occuring

- SB Controller now won't recognise my laptop music source
- Squeezecenter on Laptop views SB Receiver on dropdown list but can't connect to play
- Can connect and use Squeezenetwork with no issues through both controller and laptop

What have I investigated

- I have turned on/off SB controller numerous time and performed a factory reset
- I have restarted SB Receiver
- I have restarted Squeezecenter
- I have rebooted router

All with no joy, I have a very basic knowledge of network setting so double checked the set-up of the router.

I noticed that the IP addresses assigned to Receiver/Controller are now different to the notes I had made when initially set-up the Duet, the main reason is that over the weekend I had connected my newly purchased iPhone to my wireless network.

Thats about all I have tried so far, I did a search on the forums and found some similarity with the following post


Next Steps

Any advice would be appreciated, I have included basic high level info above and can add further information if required.

It seems too much of a coincidence that when I add a new device (iPhone) to wireless network that the Duet won't recognise the laptop music source.

Can anyone shed some light on this ?


2008-08-28, 05:33
Solved, firewall issue on Linux