View Full Version : what is best? itunes or folder sync of mp3?

2008-08-25, 08:13
what is best? itunes or folder sync of mp3?

are there any advantages of using itunes over folder organizing? I mean, SB is only reading the tags anyway?

2008-08-25, 08:27
I used to use the iTunes library file, but I found that it wasn't honoring the iTunes artist and album sort fields, ironically. Joe Satriani would show up under "J" instead of "S" even though I set the sort artist and sort album artist tags as "Satriani, Joe" in iTunes.

When I switched to folder syncing and running a utility to export the playlists as m3u files (with path changing as my iTunes is on Mac but the SlimServer is on my ReadyNAS), all the sorting just worked.

That was back in the 6.5 days, however. I'm on 7.0.1 now but having bothered to see if the iTunes sort fields are honored now because I have a nice automated syncing process that works great. Why change what ain't broken, right?