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2008-08-25, 04:29
Running a SB3 & a Dell laptop as a music server.
The laptop is about 5 metres from the SB3 & signal strength is 85% or so.

If I connect the laptop hard wired into the router & but leave the SB3 wireless, I get no problems at all.

If I have both the laptop & SB3 wireless, the connection will drop out every 30 mins or so.

Note that when it does drop out, my net connection remains active it is only the Sb3 which loses connection.

The router desn't have a turbo mode for me to disable.

The wired & wireless connections on the laptop have the exact same settings.

I'd be grateful for any tips as i relly need to relocate the laptop & it's 3 x ext discs to a more suitable location but that means wireless.


Phil Leigh
2008-08-25, 04:35
As I see it you have two choices:
1) stream using lossy compression and keep everything wireless
2) wire SB3 to Router

Having everything wireless AND streaming uncompressed is too much for current wireless technology IMHO.

2008-08-25, 04:51
Try an environment scan and look for channel collision with another wi-fi router on the same/similar channel.

New routers (i.e D-Link DIR-655) are better at keeping wi-fi throughput going. I tested mine with 802.11n to server and then feeding FLAC to 3 players on 801.11g concurrently without problems.

2008-08-25, 09:17
I used to have the same kind of problem long ago - ended up wiring the pc that SqueezeCenter was on and have not had the problem since. With mine when the Squeezebox dropped it was a real pita to reconnect.

Newer routers will allow you to run full uncompressed streaming wireless as long as you have excellent signal strength on all the devices, I have done it with a wireless laptop, wired NAS (music collection) and wireless Squeezebox. Routers like the Dlink dir655 not only offer draft wireless N but also offer the improvements of multi in multi out (MIMO) and higher signal strength.