View Full Version : How to set up system with non-powered speakers

2008-08-24, 21:47
I'm still confused on if this will work with my current system. In the computer room, I have a 4 hub wired router with 2 open ethernet connections, but I want to play an internet radio station (KMMT, The Mountain, out of Seattle) in my living room where I have a set of nice, small, NON-powered bookshelf speakers.

I don't want to string a wire from the computer room to the living room. Any suggestions?? What do I need to make this work??


2008-08-25, 02:52
You could do like this: Computer running SC -> wireless router -> SB/Duet -> hifi amp.

2008-08-25, 03:05
Uluen has posted my exact solution to your problem.

But in fact, with an SB, Duet or even Transporter you actually don't need your computer turned on because you can set up squeeznetwork to play your radio station.

I cant tell from your question if you have SB already or if you are thinking or if you are just getting some advice unrelated to Squeeze stuff.

And assuming you've got an amp with your unpowered speakers, you could

a) get a small old computer and run softsqueeze, into amp, into speakers (but dont though because a SB is better)
b) get a 2.4ghz sender from computer to amp and play from computer (but don't, though, because you'll waster $80 on the sender and a SB is not heaps more and way better
c) do what Uluen suggested, which is the normal approach
d) move to Seattle

2008-08-25, 22:26
I already have a high speed cable modem connected to a 4 hub router wired to 2 computers. So, could I run another wired ethernet connection out of my existing router to a squeezebox station or bridge in the computer room, then get a wireless connection from there to a receiver in the living room that is hooked up to an amp with the speakers??

2008-08-25, 22:56
no no no.

Unless I'm a complete idiot, you are confused about what the squeezebox does. The SB *IS* the reciever.

Im really sorry if I'm sounding patronising but that's what I read from your questions.

You would just need a $45 wireless router, stick the SB next to your amp and kablammo, you're away.