View Full Version : Rescanning Media Library doesn't finish

2008-08-24, 02:51
I did a rescan to update the library and it never finished, just kept saying Rescanning Music Library. Than a tried a complete rescan, same problem. I cleared the cache folder and SqueezeCenter would not start so I reinstalled SC 7.1. Now SC will run but the rescanning still won't finish. Any suggestions?

2008-08-24, 03:48
There are a couple of things that can cause this kind of behaviour. Antivirus software is one possibility, another is a recursive link (you have a softlink in your Music Library folder to another part of your Music Library that is sending the scanner into a loop) and a final cause can be a corrupted file or piece of artwork.

The best way to track it down is to open up the scanner.log file. Go to Settings/Status and there is a link about half way down the page - open up 1000 lines and look for error messages, or what happens towards the end of the scan. Any clues?