View Full Version : Tuning in radio stations on SqueezeCentre

2008-08-23, 10:03
I've not been able to do this at all on my Duet. For example I went to www.reciva.com and got the URL for RAI 5, an Italian classical music station I'd like to listen to. It was rtsp://live.media.rai.it:554/broadcast/fd5.rm. I put this in the Tune in box on SqueezeCentre and it seemed to connect to the station. However nothing plays on the player.
Can anyone help? This is the most disappointing feature of the system. Ideally I'd like to receive all the stations on reciva but Duet seems not to be able to play any of them.

2008-08-23, 11:02
To play RealAudio (i.e. rtsp .rm streams) you need the AlienBBC plugin installed as SB cannot play RealAudio natively.

BTW - WikiRadio as part of AlienBBC has RAI settings - including Radio Auditorium.