View Full Version : Duet controller loses connection when hiding SSID

2008-08-23, 06:59
I've had an SB3 running for a while now, with Slimserver running on a mac, with no problems.. I've used it with both a wireless and a wired connection.

I just got a few new toys, a Duet and a ReadyNAS, so I've been playing.

First up I connected the Controller to the existing slimserver and SB3. My wireless network has a hidden SSID, WPA, and MAC address filtering.. after adding the MAC address to the router the Controller connected with no problems.. so far so good.

Next I set up slimserver on the ReadyNAS.. it worked with the SB3 out of the box, but I had a few problems getting the Duet to work. I can't recall the exact order but tried a few things including unhiding the SSID and updating slimserver. In the end I think it was updating slimserver that did it.

It was all working fine until I re-hid the SSID.. the Receiver and SB3 remain connected and I can control them with slimserver, but the Controller loses its connection and won't reconnect... it tells me that it failed to get an IP address from the DHCP server, but even setting a valid static IP still doesn't work.

I'm pretty sure it's not signal strength.

Any ideas?