View Full Version : Receiver keeps crashing

2008-08-23, 01:26
I've got two SB3's, a Receiver and Controller. The SB3's always work perfectly as does the Controller but the Receiver often freezes up and refuses to work soon after I start playing music.

The Controller then fails to connect to the Receiver and the only way to resolve it seems to be to unplug the Reciever and reboot it from scratch...

The Reciever is positioned about 3m from my wireless route in direct line of sight and, like I say, all the other Squeezebox elements work fine. It does seem to get really hot?

Any help would be really appreciated...

Cheers guys,

2008-08-23, 08:16
3 meters you said :-)
why not try a cable then , this must be the same room ?

If problems go away wifi trouble.

If problems persists posible server problem (if your router is properly configed, but this easier with wire ).

You can control Receiver from WEB-UI while testing if you controler is acting up (wifi).


And now to mix another GT and listen my SB