View Full Version : SB controller not doing it's thing

2008-08-22, 15:09
I've had SB duet for about a week now and overall this is one cool device. I did have initial problems getting it into my network but I think that's mostly resolved.

Now I have a couple of issues with the SB controller. It seems once I found out how to control the SB receiver with SqueezeNetwork I can't go back to the controller. The SBC recognizes the network but that's it... no music sources in the display. Also, it says there's a software update but fails to download it.

This is making me crazy... I can usually figure this stuff out, but this has me stumped. And I know the answer is going to be simple...

2008-08-23, 04:52
I guess I don't totally understand. SN is a music source for the receiver but not a means to control it. That is what SC or the controller do.

If the controller's Settings -> Music Source option is not working, try starting SC and then changing the source from there (upper right corner pull down). If the receiver is currently connected to SN there should be an option asking if you want to redirect it to SC.

For the firmware...try dissabling your firewall and AV momentarily and see if the update runs. If it does you should do a search on the forumns as there are both firewall and AV exclusions that can be set up to avoid this problem.

good luck.

2008-08-24, 07:28
try starting SC and then changing the source from there (upper right corner pull down).

That upper right pull down menu - "choose player' has only one option - Squeezebox. there is no reference to SC there.

So right now I can only get the SR to stream via SC... the SC does not show any music sources. During inital setup I had network issues and one of the things I did was point SC to the IP address of my computer in "other servers". Should I have had to do this initially? I have more than a few devices on this network... maybe the IP addresses are dynamic depending on what's connected? But I seem to recall that even after I set up that IP address in SC that it just became an additional music source that I didn't end up using.