View Full Version : ZoneAlarm spyware false positive for perl58.dll

2008-08-22, 12:46
I just discovered that ZoneAlarm Pro spyware scanner is tagging the perl58.dll file used by SlimServer 6.5.3 as a Trojan (Win32.Trojan.Dropper.Agent.sjb) and wondered if anyone else has been getting this false positive?

I determined that it is a false positive because after ZA deletes the file (in the local settings/temp/PDK folder) the scan is clear. When I restart SlimServer the same file reappears and ZA tags it again. I reported the false positive to ZoneAlarm but have yet to hear back from them. This started about a week ago and a couple of other Slim users on the ZoneAlarm forums have also had the same problem.

2008-10-29, 12:52
I have just installed SqeezeCenter-7.2.1 to upgrade from an older version and Norman Virus Control has claimed that it contains the Trojan Smalldrp.APBM

Norman is not known for getting these things wrong: Has anyone else found any problems with this release?

I've read the older virus detection stuff and it does not seem to be referring to this particular problem.