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2008-08-22, 11:19
Where's the best place to buy non DRM FLAC music on the net at a reasonable price? For the most part I still buy CDs but they just take up space since I box them up after I rip them. I used to use allofmp3 then they shut down. mp3sparks has promise but it requires some convoluted steps to fund an account. Any other choices?

2008-08-22, 11:42
Linn Records, Magnatune spring to mind.

2008-08-22, 12:48
Is there such a thing as FLAC with DRM ?

2008-08-22, 16:22
Zunior http://www.zunior.com/

Nettwerk http://www.werkshop.com/store/home.action

Magnatune http://magnatune.com/

Burningshed http://www.burningshed.com/

http://www.gimell.com/ specialist shop Hi Rez 24bit FLAC with the tallis scholars

Itrax http://www.itrax.com/ but it's wav or wma lossles, but DRM free so you can convert to flac any day, this is 24bit 96kHz files Musical choice and recordings far superior to linn (imho)

Then of course David Byrnes and Brian Enos latest effort http://www.everythingthathappens.com/ it's only one record but it's a realy god one, from realy good artists normally on big labels that's doing a DRM Free lossles download.

I got suggestions cant the staff maintain a sticky with lossles DRM free file shop's the sticky would be in the music forum ?
The Qualifier for being on the list would be exactly that DRM Free lossles files ,imho the only files worth paying for (and the only files you should pay for don't encourage DRM and lossy by paying for it, if you want the artist to have money, buy the CD and rip in these cases, If the CD is crippled with "copy protection" ? well consider other artists or download from "other" sources ;-) )

2008-08-23, 12:56
Great list Mynb - now you've cost me a few more dollars !

I notice on the Itrax site that they don't do FLAC but 96/24 PCM. As the SB3 will only do 24/48 is this download standard worthwhile (does SB3 automatically downsample, can I convert the 24/96 file to FLAC at this end etc)

Thanks again

2008-08-23, 14:24
Surprised nobody has mentioned this one yet:


Howard Passman
2008-08-23, 15:38
....but where can I find flacs of Steely Dan, Traffic, Bonnie Raitt, Lee Ritenour, Fourplay, ,etc.. Anywhere?


Josh Coalson
2008-08-23, 15:59
Where's the best place to buy non DRM FLAC music on the net at a reasonable price?

2008-08-23, 19:32
Zunior has been mentioned as a source of FLAC files. It's a great service.

Zunior is Canadian -- a large number of mainly Canadian independent labels. Check out, in particular, Black Hen Music -- this is the label of ace musician Steve Dawson. Very nice variety, ranging from hard-core roots music (e.g. Old Man Luedecke, Joey Wright)) to very modern jazz (e.g. Andrew Downing). Some of the best are Steve's own ventures (Zubot and Dawson, Great Uncles of the Revolution, Steve Dawson (solo)).