View Full Version : Squeezebox controller and wifi roaming

2008-08-22, 01:00

I've recently installed a Duet at a friend's house and, in the main, all is well and he's very pleased except for one small problem. He lives in an old house with thick walls and his wifi reception isn't great so he has more than one wireless access point. They are both setup with the same ssid and WPA key but different channels (fairly wide apart).

The problem comes when the Controller is connected to one access point and he moves to another part of the house where the signal strengths change and the Controller switches to the second access point (it shows the strength meter moving from low to high). When this happens, he gets a 'Connecting please wait' message on the Controller screen that never goes away. If he switches it off and on again it connects happily and works fine.

So, the question is; should this work? I guess that the problem is the Controller has established a connection to the server which all goes wrong when it disconnects and reconnects to the network.

I've not tried using a different SSID etc on the access points - does anyone have this sort of configuration?

Any help here would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Install details - Linux server (Ubuntu, 2.6.24-19 kernel), Squeezecenter 7.1 - 22170, Receiver - Firmware 36 (using wired ethernet and not acting as an access point). Can't get access to the Controller version remotely but it updated itself after install so I guess it's the latest.