View Full Version : iTunes Playlists Aren't Complete

The Witchdoctor
2008-08-21, 23:52
I recently had a conflicting IP problem with my wireless network and was offline for a couple of days. When I finally had time to fix the problem, which meant resetting my Airport Extreme and reconfiguring my entire wireless network, I re-entered the settings for my Squeezebox V3. Everything loaded just fine the first time around except my iTunes playlists. I use iTunes to organize my music. My Favorites, Artists, Albums, and Music Folded loaded just fine, but not the Playlists. I rescanned Playlists Only, I rescanned new and changed music, but to no avail. Most folders are empty, and some have only a few songs. I have not emptied and rescanned the entire catalog. Is that what I need to do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help in advance.

The Witchdoctor

2008-08-22, 04:09
Where is your iTunes XML library file located? Also is your music folder on the same machine as hosting SS/SC? Where was the IP conflict exactly?

iTunes is a bit of a pain... if you have it set to 'keep my library organized' it'll blank things out if your music folder is offline, disconnected etc. So, SS/SC rescanned your music folder, but perhaps used a 'stale' iTunes XML file, or couldn't find it at all.