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2008-08-21, 23:48
Hello- would appreciate the help. have a dell vostro pc and a duet receiver. The receiver is connected to pc via ethernet cable, and the controller talks directly to the squeezebox (I dont have a wireless router). The pc has a wireless pc card that gets wifi from my neighbors (with permission) which i use to get squeezenetwork, radio, etc., so I don't have a wireless network. Thus, wireless and ethernet are "bridged" via windows vista or else internet radio functions, etc wouldn't work.

In the bios, pc is set to S3 state, in vista I have sleep on, and for network properties on my built-in Intel Gigabit card, I have WOL enabled.

When the pc is off or is asleep, and controller is off, the duet receiver light is light green. When controller is on (at which point i'd ideally like to have pc turn on or come out of sleep), squeezebox receiver becomes and stays blue and i get a continuous "connecting to squeezebox" and nothing else. If I use controller to try to "wake" computer from either off or asleep, I can't see how WOL would work since the controller tries to connect to the squeezebox, but can't since pc isn't on or sleeping, thus nothing happens. Only thing that wakes computer from S3 is a keyboard or mouse movement, and of course nothing sb related can turn pc on for me. Also, manually pressing sb blue button does absolutely nothing if pc is off or asleep. Basically nothing on the controller or receiver can get pc to wake up since controller itself is trying to connect to squeezebox to no avail and as a test, pressing receiver button, which isn't necessary since i have a wireless keyboard to wake pc anyway, does nothing, which tells me my setup is not right for wol. But going from green to blue when controller is on despite pc sleep tells me setup might have potential.

would love your help- I am sure I don't have something set up properly and this would be a killer feature to be able to turn on pc from off or sleep. Perhaps not having a wireless network is not standard setup, but everything works perfectly using the bridging of wireless and wired. To repeat, wireless card on pc is only used to get squeezenetwork related data, and receiver is corded to pc via ethernet. Would appreciate tips / help as I have spent months trying to figure this out. Thank you

2008-08-22, 00:03
Cant help you with Vista thoose who can would probably like know exactly which hardware you have especially the network card ( NIC ) and motherboard and BIOS.

What I do know is that only the latest 7.2 (maybe also 7.3) has a working bugg free wol function, it was disabled in 7.01 , it needed more work.
Some 7.1 betas had it not sure about the oficial 7.1 , but oficial 7.2 is soon here so..

Edit.. you been at it for months but i would start to check that:

My mother board supports WOL , does my BIOS support WOL does my NIC support WOL, do i need to run a separate wire from NIC to MOtherboard to make it work ?
Then I would ask around about wich BIOS and OS settings to fiddle with.
Suprisingly you can actually by NIC's that wont do this.
WOL relies on that some power is on at PC all the time, is there small led indicating that the powersupply is on does the leds on your etherport ligths even with the PC off ?

2008-08-22, 03:22
I have to now this myself if any dev can enlighten us wich meny items on the controller is supposed to wol ? i figured "turn off/on "playername" "

But which else, I had to fiddle little today ? in older 7.2 it was sufficient to press "music library" or anything that required server contact to trigger this in previus versions

2008-08-22, 07:12
can anyone please help me? WOL doesn't work. thanks

2008-08-22, 12:44
SBR wake-on-LAN certainly works from firmware 42; I can press the front panel button when blue and my Vista machine wakes from S3 and S5 (soft off).

No idea about SBC initiated WOL when running in hybrid mode and SBR is the wi-fi Access Point.

2008-08-22, 16:31
No idea about SBC initiated WOL when running in hybrid mode and SBR is the wi-fi Access Point.

A god point i'm initiating wol from my SBC trough a router, maybe WOL truogh SBR does not work ? anyone with such a setup and working WOL, I never tried WOL by pressing SBR's button.

2008-08-28, 11:17
Still haven't had a substantive answer- would really appreciat eif someone can help me here...

2008-08-28, 19:40
Have you done mnyb's suggestions?

Have you tested WOL with another PC to confirm you have the server configured correctly. There can be a lot of little hidden spots to get the server to work some times.

Have you checked what the WOL IP address is on the SqueezeBox receiver. Not sure how you can check it with no display but you probably can. It may be set wrong and needs to be cleared or set correctly.

A client can be wireless to initiate WOL, but it can only be received over the wire. Your setup has a lot of odds against it (using neighbors WIFI) which may be your networks main gateway and the WOL packet is not being properly broadcasted. Try plugging the SBR in you neighbors physical network :-)

2008-08-28, 21:29
In most cases with duet its actually the controller who sends WOL packet.
Then it would be possible to use ssh to log on to duet remotely to check things out.
But I don't know where controller stores the server Mac. Anyone else ?

In the latest software 7.2 there is also the option that Receiver sends WOL when pressing the button.
and as I pointed out before wol does not work with the older versions of SqueezeCenter.

Maybe you can check out the Receivers settings with the NET_UDAP tool (aviable in the beta forum) but it's a pity that the settings is not visible anywhere.

IF you have a linux machine nearby you use etherwake to send WOL packet.
You can download some PC tools to check this from another PC borrow a laptop or something Google there a ton of suitable utilities.

I dont know how bridging works in vista. But for which Network interface did you enable WOL enabling WOL for the wireless interface wont do it ? remove the bridging temporarily and use only the ethernet port to do some test.
factory reset the duet (both controller and reciever) and
try again then its suposed to learn the servers Mac it would be interesting to now which mac thats is being used the wireless adapters mac or the gigabit ethernet card's mac.
Have you done the basic sanity check that our gigabit ethernet card supports WOL the fact that you can enable the function in vista does not mean that the card actually supports the function.

2008-08-29, 01:05
Hi there

As pointed out already WOL from SBR (pressing the button when blue) works with SBR firmware >=42. (SC 7.1 includes fw 36 and SC 7.2 includes fw 47.)

WOL from SBC currently only works if SBC is connected directly to an access point. If SBC is connected via SBR (bridged mode) to the network, the WOL feature from SBC is not working yet. We are looking into fixing that in a future SBC and/or SBR firmware release.

In the mean time you could either use an access point or install SC 7.2 and then use SBRs WOL feature.


2008-08-29, 15:40
I got a bit sick of SC 7.0 erratic WOL behaviour, so I wrote a Controller applet to wake my server. Works every time, but connecting to the server after it wakes can sometimes take a little while.

If there is any interest I can post it.

2008-09-13, 12:29
yes, please post your controller applet for wol. Thanks!