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2008-08-21, 21:12
Hello everyone. So I finally purchased a SB3 (after much deliberation between it and a Duet). It should arrive Monday the 25th. Anyways, in anticipation for its arrival, I set up SqueezeCenter. Pretty painless. Then I decided to see if it worked, so I tried streaming songs to my Foobar2000 application. It works, but when I play a song in SqueezeCenter, it takes nearly 10 seconds for audio to start playing in Foobar. Can I expect this same lag when playing songs with my SB3? Sorry if this has been asked a million times. I'm horrible at using search features.


Edit: Yeah, so screwing around in SC I clicked on a help file and read this about remote streaming (I realize it's local, but that shouldn't matter in this case):

"After a couple of seconds, you will hear music playing through the MP3 software player. (The delay is due to buffering in the MP3 player software.)"

So yeah, I'm not expecting the lag. :) If anyone knows otherwise, don't ruin it for me. Let me be disappointed when the product arrives.

2008-08-21, 21:33
No the buffering works differently with the real SB players, playback starts directly, then it starts to fill the buffer (probably as fast as the network allow).
The SB's are smart enough the purge said buffer when you hit skip or change song etc, so response is not lagged.
And there a lot of work done to the sync function (when several players play the same song at the same time)
Beside foobar2000, winamp et al has really big buffers when using stream function as this is normally used for internet radio.

2008-08-21, 21:40
Thanks for the reply, Mnyb. I should have clicked on help before making another useless thread on the forum. That being said, I'd like to pose another question. I'm thinking of using SqueezeCenter to remote stream songs to my work - I tried using Orb in the past, but I really hated that program and when I reformatted my computer a few weeks after that, I never bothered reinstalling. Anyways, I have a Westell router that came with my Verizon DSL and multiple computer set up on a LAN. I figure I'll have to forward port 9000 to this box. Does anyone know if this is so, and if I need to forward TCP, UDP, or both?

Thanks again,

2008-08-21, 23:37
Better to be safe than sorry so i port forwarded both UDP and TCP for 9000, 3483 and 9090, it probably overkill this means that you probably can hook upp a real SB to my server if you now the ip.

Don't forget to portforward both in the server and in the router.

In my opinion the biggest problem would be the compony firewall/it-department switches routers servers etc. I'm working in Sweden when i check my external ip i sometimes conect to internet in switzerland or germany (big company).

Second obstacle would be your work PC how "locked" is it.
Fortunately i have tecnical job so i must be local admin on my laptop, everybody is not so lucky some can not alter or install anything.

But I can use it in hotel rooms on their local network, wich i do frequently.

Other usefull hints:

If you don't have a fixed IP adress, use some kind of Dynamic DNS service.

Use a router that supports Dyn DNS directly on the router( if needed).

Use a router thats supports wake on lan over internet, this is handy you can boot the server from a remote location.

Have a server that allows some kind of remote admin so you can shut it down when not in use.

Other SB users have set up some kind of VPN tunneling or similar for this, but i'm not familiar with howto do that, it is safer. My safety is that my server is music only (have backups) and contains nothing personal if hacked so what ? of course i have a firewall in the server.

2008-08-22, 10:55
If you use softsqueeze, you won't see the delay you see with using foobar2k to stream. For it to work, you have to have Java installed.

Remote streaming works great - I'm listening to music that way right now.

Mnyb hit all of the points regarding remote streaming. Specifically with your Westell Internet gateway (aka router) you have from Verizon, you will also have to adjust your firewall level in addition to port forwarding. I have experience dealing with this with my father-in-law's setup. Be default, it has the firewall set to "high", which prevents outbound traffic on non-standard ports. Port 9000 for SC falls into this category. So, in addition to port-forwarding, you will have to adjust your router's firewall by either lowering the level or creating an exception for the ports SC uses.

As I recall, the Westell does not support DynDNS and you can't install 3rd party software on it. This means that you will have to note your IP address each day before you go to work and hope it doesn't change during the day. You may want to investigate putting the router into bridge mode and getting a Linksys or another brand router. My setup with verizon is that I have a modem from them which I have in bridge mode and connected to a Linksys WRT-54GS. I'm not sure how easy it is to bridge the Westell all-in-one device, but you can find info about it on the Internet.

Enjoy your new SB3 when you get it!!!

2008-08-23, 02:07
Thank guys, I go to work Saturday, I'll give all of this a try and see how it works.